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Mike Manning

Educational Collaborators, LLC
Atlanta, GA
Educational Collaborators was founded in 2006 by full-time educators who believed that the best consulting and professional development comes from educators working in schools every day. Because every school is different, we believe that the only way consultants can meet the unique needs of a client is to create collaborative teams of people who represent the skills, experience and cultural perspective of the client school.

We started with six educators, in four states and now have over 140 consultants across the US and abroad. Roughly 15% of our Collaborators are full-time consultants who recently left schools while the other 85% maintain positions within educational institutions, ensuring that our teams and our clients benefit from recent and relevant experience. We have worked with schools in 40 states and several different countries.

We are educators. Helping schools make themselves better is our passion. We exist… “because those who can, teach!”